our atoms never left (2016) - cyanotype 
exhibited at Azzurro! Azzurro! - Art University Linz, 2016
Photos by Jürgen Grünwald

A reflection on how we interact with a certain place / grounding. When we travel, it is our belongings that do but at the same time our physical  existence that really allows us to perceive everything in an intense, ethereal way. Our bodies enable us to feel, see, and comprehend the complex, yet elementary structures we are encompassed by. This series is about finding a deep connection with the world around. Aside all social commotion, our vicinity radiates peace. Everything surrounding us is never really stationary. Human nature can and will alter and counteract consistency, create situations that allow for realities to be questioned, predictable patterns to be challenged. It was my aim to interact with the given landscape, create images that would reflect the distinctive character of this special place in the Tuscany and yet also emphasise my personal relationship to occupying space / exploring. An act that seeks to declare that there is a place in this world for each of us. By putting ourselves in an active context with given conditions, adapting / changing, nonetheless staying true to our very core, we can learn, find solace and acceptance. And grow as humans.

Non-Binary Sculpture Revolution, 2017

Photography by Maria Bramasole 
@m.bramasole on instagram

18-21, 2017

Photography by Maria Bramasole 
@m.bramasole on instagram


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