A series of paintings illustrating Franz Kafka's short story 'Nachts' (At Night) and the individual approach applied at performing it. The recurring visual theme here is a spheric shape and the various human shapes in their relations to it. Materialities range from water colour to acrylics and felt tip markers as well as neon colours. The series consists of 12 paintings sized A3, as well as two bigger works which are presented as more stand-alone pieces. 

(photographic art works by Daphne Okon)

The main/title sujet by Nathan Cha, which was reproduced as flyer design; additionally got expanded to a 50 piece edition Riso Print series, numbered and hand-signed.

(Photos of the exhibition by Mathias Hannes)


The Milk Kingdom accepts no innocence; no naiveté. 
An imaginary world/thought construct which serves as a metaphor for the reality of queer people in today's (western) society.
Only by sharing empathy and warmth for each other, survival becomes possible.
This video illustrates the becoming of a monster - something seen as less than straight/cisgender experiences.

The creature exists in this fictional Kingdom and transforms at their own terms; discovers their language of movements, their connection to themself.
A video performance featuring paintings of the Milk Kingom's visuals can be found in the VIDEO section and on Vimeo.

Signs for an Imaginary Revolution, 2017/18

miscellaneous paintings 2016 - 17

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